What we can help you with

Flat-rate tax on registered income

  • Maintaining tax records obligatory for the taxpayer
  • Drafting PIT-28 tax returns
  • Other as required by law

Revenue and Expense Ledger

  • Maintaining the Revenue and Expense Ledger and the necessary associated records
  • Determining the due tax advances
  • Drafting PIT-36 and PIT-36L tax returns

Books of Accounts

  • Drafting the Chart of Accounts, developing the accounting policy principles in line with the provisions of the Accounting Act
  • Maintaining the Books of Accounts, general and itemized ledger accounts
  • Determining the due PIT and CIT tax advances
  • Drafting PIT-36, PIT-36L and CIT 8 tax returns
  • Drafting financial reports
  • Drafting reports for the Statistical Office

ZUS [Social Security Institution]

  • Drafting employer’s and employee’s ZUS statements (registration and settlement)
  • Sending the statements by electronic means

HR and Payroll

  • Drafting the payroll
  • Drafting tax returns with respect to the employees’ salaries
  • Maintaining the personal files.
  • Accounting for the mandate and order contracts
  • OHS training for employees
  • Other actions required by the labour regulations


  • Assistance in establishing companies and selection of the method of taxation.
  • GUS [Central Statistical Office], PFRON [State Fund of Rehabilitation of Handicapped People], KRS [National Court Register] reports, and other as requested by the Client.
  • Documents may be collected from the Client’s premises.

Modern accountancy office

The office has licensed software that is kept up-to-date and always compliant. We offer the possibility of electronic delivery of documents to an individual account and their archiving for the period required by law.

We have third-party liability insurance covering the entire scope of our activities.

How we work


At the outset, we will talk about your plan and business to plan our support for you accordingly.


We will provide you with an offer that is suitable for you and includes the necessary activities.


If the proposal is suitable, we will cooperate under certain conditions.